The Columbia Theatre was built in 1927 as the first “atmospheric” theatre in British
Columbia. The beauty of this gorgeous play-house has been fully preserved; its houses’
seats renovated into comfortable cabaret-style booths and tables. From classic velvet curtains
in lush candlelight to the secret passageway beneath the stage, this magical space is the
perfect setting for our salacious story. 

The History of Burlesque will run on the Qayqayt stage, named after the traditional, ancestral
and unceded First Nations territory upon which it stands.

The Columbia represents another special piece of history for those who have been a part of the West Coast burlesque community since the beginning of its revival. Long ago, the theatre was temporarily opened as "The Burr", and in 2006 the third night of the first ever Vancouver International Burlesque Festival was staged there. Subsequently, a few productions from the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society were performed on its stage before its re-closure. During our performance, be sure to keep an ear out for what co-star Melody Mangler found deep in the upper levels of the theatre all those years ago. :)

The Columbia is conveniently located 1 block south of Columbia Skytrain Station.

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